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chris and i were high school sweethearts. as he tells it, he saw me the first day of high school, in first period chemistry class, and then was thrilled to see that i also rode the same bus as him. i first noticed him that following weekend at a church retreat. he was sitting around a bonfire, playing guitar. i was suddenly hooked. he tried to woo me through the night with his mad skills of juggling hot coals, but trust me..it was all about the guitar.

we were married may 22, 1999, and three years later, we had eli. four years after eli came the twins, and our world turned upside down. we are so thankful for the blessings of our children, and we seem to fall more in love with them and each other every day (well, not EVERY day - ha!).

we are passionate about our church, and both are teachers of the pre-teen and teenage youth. we both play guitar and sing in church as well, and have always played a very active role where we can. i love to plan events, so anytime i can do that is great. with the birth of the twins, we've had to slow down a bit, but we are gingerly dipping our toes in the water again.

chris is big into photography, and has done work for multiple musicians, including set apart and nathan and tonya horton. he shoots for company's ads, promo work, cds, posters, events, and anything else. he's the master behind our famous (in local ronald mcdonald house campaigns) black and white, zeke in mommy's hand, photo, and already has a couple of weddings booked. he's very talented, and would love to pursue a career in photography in the future.

i am still all about design, and in addition to my daytime job of a web developer, i still do freelance work. since the roller coaster that came with our nicu experience, i have become extremely passionate about non-profit organizations. i've had the privilage to work with many in our chattanooga area, and can't wait to work with more. my dream would be that one day the primary focus of my freelance work be with non-profit agencies, and allow me enough time to actively volunteer with a couple of them. and of course, i want to spend as much time with my three children as well. they mean the world to chris and i, and we want them to grow up helping others in need.

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