0-6 months

Rachael and Elijah at Rachael's office Christmas party in 2002. Eli's already taken up playing the family instrument.

Here Rachael is, in the last week of pregnancy, riding around in the Discovery.

While Rachael is bonding in the recovery room with Elijah, Chris, the proud daddy, goes to the waiting room to give the good news to the anxious family...all sixteen of them!

new mom and new baby
Right after the surgery is over, Mommy is sharing Elijah's first moments of life in the recovery room with all of the family standing around the bed.

Daddy Chris holding little Eli while he naps. On a sidenote, Chris went down in the hospital's books as the first dad to bring his own bed to the hospital. :)

Elijah all swaddled up in momma's arms.

Elijah in daddy's arms right after his bath.

Our little naked baby right after a bath. He was posing for his first naked photos.

Mommy and Elijah playing at home.

Go away Daddy! I'm trying to finish my dinner!

Ok, here is a smile. NOW go away!

Yum! These hands sure are tasty!

The tickle monster strikes again!

Mommy and Elijah

I'm making you a present, Daddy.