Family Photos

Sarah, Katie, and Rachael at an outdoor church singing on April 17, 2004

Rachael and Chris at the outdoor singing

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Josh, Larry, Sarah, Katie, and Rachael on Father's Day 2002.

A 4-5 month old Rachael with her daddy Pap

Grandma (Carolyn) and Elijah

Dada (Great-Great Grandmother)

Daddy with Eli

Poppa (Dale) with Eli on a tractor

Great Granddad

Great Grandma

Great Grandmother (Nanny) and Elijah playing ball with an apple
The below photos are from Thanksgiving at the Hooker's family (Rachael's grandparents)

Rachael and Katie

Meemaw and Peepaw

Play it Daddy!

Uncle Josh

Granna Tish with a sprained ankle

Poppa makes a good pillow

Like Mother like Daughter

Sisters, sisters

Uncle Tim (Eli ADORES Tim!)