Photos from our July 4th Vacation
Hominy Valley Singing
Candler, NC 2005

not really a boo-boo, but he needed a bandaid, nonetheless

My favorite boys!!!


cool dude

Sarah and Rachael ON STAGE with the Primitives!!!

In the pool

Swimming all by himself!!!!

We just couldn't keep him from the balloons!

Go Eli Go!

playing some football


How YOU doin'?

the big barn

The breakfast of champions

Chris in the pop-up

Chris and Rachael at Olive Garden

He sure does love his sketti!


Eli looking sneaky-sneaky

Sarah and Chris

The Rochesters

Eli, Rachael, and Sarah with Norman of the Primitives

Eli dreaming of guitars after a good swim

Chris kept his seat no matter how hard the rain fell!

Under the umbrella

Sarah sitting on a puddle!

Eli has the best seat in the house

Reagan Riddle of the Primitive Quartet

Sarah with Rhonda and Glenn

The boys of Set Apart

Bryan and Matthew of Set Apart

Gotta love the "Dough Boy" Josh Swift

Back to Hominy for the Fall Color Singings
October 2005

Eli finds a fuzzy caterpillar

Santa in October?
Yep - We met the real deal, and he camped right next to us. He got an early start on Christmas by taking down Eli's requests into his special notebook of Christmas wishes.

Sunbathing and listening to good music