1-2 years
Halloween photos taken at the Primrose Parade of Costumes

Mommy and Elijah after the parade in his classroom

I'm gonna get you Daddy!
Our little tiger! Grrrrr!!!
Playing at home - November 2003

Where's the baby?

There he is!!!

Getting into mischief


Wrestling with Mom

Night, night!


Elijah with his cousins after Thanksgiving lunch at Papaw Don and Mary's house

You can't tell he likes his cousins, can you?


Elijah's 1st Big Boy Toothbrush

Christmas photos
taken November 2003

Elijah and Davis and Davis' 1 year Birthday party

After bananas and Oreos

Sarah and Eli on 1/19/04

Katie and Eli on 1/19/04

Robert Hale and Eli
January 2004
First Day of School at Siskin
August 9, 2004

At Ryan's (a classmate) Birthday Party at the Warner Park Zoo

Eli and Grace

Touching a snake for the first time

With Molly

The entire birthday group

Talking with the monkeys

After the party