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we receive twin-related questions every time we go out in public, pushing around that double stroller. everyone seems to have a comment or question to ask, so i thought we would include some of our "favorites" here (oh, and if you asked one of them, don't feel bad. i promise it wasn't the first and won't be the the last time we'll hear it):

  • are they twins?
  • two boys/two girls?
  • is this the girl? (while pointing to a dressed in blue zeke)
  • boy, you have your hands full!
  • better you than me!
  • God bless you! (to which we reply, "He has!")
  • are they natural?
  • do twins run in your family?
  • and my fav:
    are they identical? (um, hello...boy and girl parts! someone needs a lesson in anatomy)

zeke and emmie were born on january 11, 2007 at 27 weeks and 4 days gestation. zeke was born at 3:46pm weighing 2lbs 4oz and measured 13.75" long. emmie was born two minutes later, weighing 2lbs 2oz and measured 15" long. they were both rushed out of the surgery room past us, and into the neonatal intensive care unit (nicu), where they would stay for the next 57 days and 70 days respectively.

although their lives began amongst much trial and trouble, and they endured countless setbacks along the way, today they are living miracles. it seems that every three days they are doing something new. they are still a few months behind developmentally, but we are slowly getting there, making big strides along the way.

september 30, 2007
the twins are 8 1/2 months old, and are full of their own personalities. we started rice cereal with them about 2 months ago, and have slowly introduced one food a week starting with fruits. they love bananas (just like mommy and eli), emmie can't get enough apple blueberry, and zeke enjoys his apple banana juice. recently zeke has broken out in what could be ezcema, and we have stopped all foods for him, and changed his formula to a hypoallergenic one. so far so good, but it has a funky smell. z now has a fitting nickname, given by aunt tonya. just call him "cheese puff." emmie is miss piglet, and though it took her a while to get used to her foods, she loves to eat now. she's recently learned how to blow bubbles, and unfortunately that usually happens with a mouth full of food. never a dull moment!

zeke is mr. laid back, take it easy, momma's boy. he loves to sleep late and stay up even later. he's quickly become a night owl, which i think is just an elaborate plan to get mommy and daddy's full attention after eli and emmie are in bed. zeke has the best eyes around, and can focus in on us from across a crowded room. he can roll, but usually chooses not to. unlike emmie, he hates to be on his tummy, which makes tummy time for him quite a chore. he adores bouncing up and down on mommy and daddy's laps, and will scream with delight (which we think he's learning from emmie). what a boy.

emmie is full of smiles, a huge flirt, and a daddy's girl. she loves to roll over, and is now figuring out how to roll towards what she wants. she's full of life, and wants to be the center of attention. one of her favorite things to do is to scream loudly to make sure you see her, and we've recently discovered she loves the old school punk stylings of "me first and the gimme gimmes." eli is emmie's favorite person ever, which eli eats up. what a girl.

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