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CashewCashewIn late July we discovered that we were expecting baby #2, and we're sooo excited! We had actually been trying for a few months, so this was planned (though not many people knew about it). I (Rachael) told Chris about five seconds after I got the positive test results (just couldn't play it cool), and about ten minutes later Chris had to go to school. That evening, Eli and I went and bought him a new t-shirt, and we came home I'm the Big Brother!and decorated it to say "I'm the big brother!" Eli was sooo excited, and was ready to tell the world. We waited for it to try, and made a drive to Granna's house at 9pm (just couldn't wait) to tell them the news. Eli went in with his pajama robe on over his shirt, and then announced he would take his robe off. Granna slowly read the words of his new shirt aloud, and then it finally dawned on her. They are all so excited!

We took pictures of Eli sleeping in his shirt the next morning, and sent them out to all of our family and friends. All the grandparents are very excited, as are we.

About the name... You see, when we were pregnant with Eli, we called him "peanut." It was only fitting that this baby should have a similar name, thus "cashew" was conceived (no pun intended). Eli remembers daily to say hello to "baby cashew," and he gives the baby (my tummy) kisses and listens intensely for any noise the baby could make.

The morning sickness has set in with me starting during the 6th week of pregnancy, and it's no fun at all. I'm not actively sick (as of yet), but it's just that 24/7 nauseas feeling where I don't know what, if anything, I want to eat. For some reason, all condiments (rather dipping sauces) are off limits to me. I can't stomach them anymore, which is sad because I used to really love Chick-fil-a's honey mustard sauce.

I've had bloodwork done three times already to find out how my hCG levels are going, and they are looking great. The first ultrasound is scheduled for this coming Friday, August 18th, and we're excited to get the first baby pictures. They will be posted here shortly, along with an update.

I plan to use this page to keep updates throughout the pregnancy, so check back often!


1st ultrasound
6 Weeks - IT'S TWINS!!!

I've been slacking, and a lot of time has passed since I last made an entry. Time has flown by already! Well, at about 6 weeks, we had our first ultrasound, and were SHOCKED to find out that we were having TWINS!!! When we tell people now, they ask if we had any idea that it would be twins, and we were clueless, except for a few women from church kept telling us that is what it would be. Who knew? Thankfully I was lying down when I found out, and Chris' face was priceless as he started at that ultrasound screen...counting. We both cried (I mean I cried, and Chris got "something in his eyes"), and we were overjoyed and scared to death all at the same time. Our family was completely amazed as well, and it took a few weeks to sink it that there really are TWO babies in there!

At 15 weeks we had another OB appointment and an ultrasound, and we found out what we're having...

11 Weeks - Twin A
11 Weeks - Twin B

We couldn't be more thrilled. That is exactly what we wanted, and luckily we already had a boy and a girl's name picked out, so we're nearly done with that too. I'm so glad that Eli will have a brother to play with, and I'll finally get to buy something pink! :)

Now, here we are, at 17 1/2 weeks along, and still doing well. My morning sickness has finally begun to ease up, but unfortunately has been replaced with back pains and uterine stretching. The nurse told me that it would feel like someone was stretching my insides apart. Lovely. But all in all, we're doing great. The babies look wonderful, and I can deal with some aches and pains if it means that they'll be in there growing well as long as possible. We go to my second Peri. appointment on Nov. 6th, and will get a more detailed ultrasound at that time, as well as find out how I am progressing. I'm both nervous and anxiously excited to find out. I just hope that I don't have to go on bedrest anytime soon. I'm still learning to take it slow, but I quickly realize that my body just don't feel up to things like it used to. It's hard to say no when so much is going on, but Chris is trying to remind me that the twins are number 1 prioritiy right now.

14 Weeks

Eli is EXTREMELY excited about being the big brother. He still kisses and hugs them daily, and he fondly talks about what he'll teach them when they arrive. He wants to hold them and feed them, and share his room with them. We've also made a pact that he and I will change the wet diapers, but save the dirty diapers for Daddy. Sounds like a deal to me! Ha!


Now here we are, at over 21 weeks. Our next milestone is less than three weeks away, and it feels like a countdown to 24 weeks, though that is in no way our goal. The babies are doing great, and I feel them more and more every day. It is amazing to feel them moving around, and to begin to know their personalities even now.

Our appointment with my Peri. was yesterday, and we got a very good report. The babies each weigh over a pound, he is vertex (head down low), and she is breech (head in my ribs!), but they both look great. Also, my body is handling them very well, so no bedrest as of yet. Woohoo!!!


During the week of Christmas, I had to be put on modified bedrest, which pretty much just means to take it easy. That's not the simplist thing to do, but Chris tried to make sure that I complied as much as possible. One week into my modified bedrest, my water broke. You can read all about that on the Twins Blog. What a story! :)


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